Friday, March 11, 2011

"This is the Perfect Time to Panic"

This morning I received the following text message:

FWD: FWD: Go get gas because of the earthquake gas prices are supposed to go up 2 dollars in the next 48 hours.

These kinds of messages do nothing but cause panic and fear which is exactly opposite of what is needed at this moment. I'm sure we are going to see some after effects of the earthquake/tsumami that has just hit Japan. In fact there may be more earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, prices of food and gas may go up a little bit. However, everyone freaking out, running to the store to stock up on whatever you can out of fear is not going to solve anything. It may indeed do the opposite and make things worse.

With that being said, my mom always taught us, "If you are prepared you need not fear."

Life is going to happen. Chances are that at some point or another we will all be effected by natural disasters, losing jobs, pipes bursting leaving flooding damage, a food/water shortage, etc. These are things we can't control and shouldn't spend our lives worrying about all the bad things that could happen. However, it's not a bad idea to make preparations so that we aren't in panic mode when such events do happen.

For example, the Prince and I have a year's supply of basic food needs. It wouldn't be a year of luxury by any means but it's better than nothing. Included are things like wheat, rice, beans, seeds, salt, sugar, powder milk, etc.

We also try to always fill our cars up when the tank reaches 1/2 empty so that if we ever needed to leave in a hurry we will always have "some" gas.

Even more I feel that my peace comes from knowing that this earth is still full of good people.

Last fall our house was hit by a tornado. It was awful and scary but right after it passed neighbors were out and about making sure everyone else was ok. There were one or two families that jumped in their cars and took off while the rest stayed to care for one another as more tornadoes were on their way. Men from the community gathered up wood and drove out to our neighborhood just outside of town and started boarding up windows regardless of the pouring rain and hail, knowing another tornado could have hit soon. Within a couple of hours many people have offered up houses and meals to those of us who were displaced. The community came together to help with the clean-up. There was no way we were going to have to get through this disaster alone.

We all have been given talents of various natures and while some may use those talents for evil or selfish reason most people are not this way.

Life could get hard real quickly. Gas prices could jump by $2 in the next 48 hours. However, I no longer fear these situations. It doesn't mean life will be a piece of cake by any means but somehow everything is going to be ok.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Oatmeal Mask (Skin Therapy)

Not a bad picture right? Too bad it looks like I am morphing into a reptile because my skin is so dry. Every winter it is a constant battle but since our move to even higher elevations, dry skin and scalp have become my worst nightmare.

I know what everyone is thinking, you just need to use a better moisturizer and cleanser. That could be the case if my skin weren't so sensitive. Almost anything liquid base is sure to cause an allergic reaction on my face including; foundations, cleansers, moisturizers, toners, any expensive face product, etc. After one or two attempts with a new product I find myself itching all over. Even the products that claim to be hypoallergenic or "natural" give me grief.

I've all but given up on this battle until yesterday when I decided to try an oatmeal scrub. I looked online at the various scrubs. Some were more geared towards acne. I wish I could find the site I used yesterday but alas I can't.

I do remember the instructions though.

Mash up 1 banana
Add 1 cup of ground oatmeal
Pour in a little bit of lukewarm milk

Place mask on for approximately 15 minutes.

BEST THING I've done for my skin all winter.

Now you know me, I'm all about the laziness. Thus I didn't bother to grind up the oatmeal which is probably why is was harder to put on. I had to keep my head tipped back the entire time to keep the oatmeal from falling off, it was just too heavy.

I'm also thinking I could reduce the recipe to 3/4 of what it calls for.

With that being said after one scrub my skin was noticeable smoother. It's not perfect but certainly a good start. Now if I can find a true natural moisturizer...

Monday, March 7, 2011

Book Review - Princess Academy

I know it's about time I finished another book. In all honesty I had started another one, was about a hundred pages into it and decided I didn't like it. Thus I moved on to the Princess Academy by Shannon Hale.

While this wasn't my all time favorite book I still really enjoyed it. First off, it was a quick, no-brainer read that didn't have my emotions all over the place. It was a simple story with a couple of twists and of course a slight love triangle.

Written about a village far up in the mountains, Shannon Hale entices the reader to step into this somewhat magical realm where community and history keep this small world together. It gives meaning to one's heritage and a sense that no matter what circumstance we may find ourselves in, there will always be little moments to look forward to.

I loved the main character, Miri and her spunky personality. She takes on the liberty to learn things on her own regardless of her circumstances. This is something I wish more women would do, including myself throughout our lives. Money doesn't always dictate how smart we are or aren't. It's a choice.

All in all it is an enchanting story that ends with a happily ever after, just as it should.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

True Love

Part of getting a happily ever after is learning that there will be times when the world will learn how wonderful your prince is, weeks after his noble gesture. Thus go back to the day in February where we celebrate our love for others. I know it was weeks ago but since then we have been hit with one sickness after another, yet another reality of a fairytale.

February 14th I woke up and went to my computer first thing, as I usually do. Sitting on my keyboard was a bag a chocolates and a note from my "Love Muffin." How did he know that I would need chocolates on a day like that. As I sat down to work, my five minute project turned out to be closer to five hours and the chocolate is what sustained me and probably kept me from pulling all of my hair out.

When my Prince came home I was giddy with excitement over the present that I had gotten him and begged him to open it. We gathered our gifts as he opened his first to find a brand new pair of smoke grey Converse shoes. My turn was next and I knew it was perfume... but wait what is this? A matching pair of smoke grey Converse? Could it be... True Love? I would say it is so. The night before we bought our gifts I mentioned that I think it would be fun to SOMEDAY have matching Converse shoes. Little did we know that someday was just around the corner. Neither of us had planned to get them but both couldn't resist.

Of course my Prince had to not only one up me but two or three times over by getting me the long awaited perfume and eleven pink long stem roses (yes it was supposed to be a dozen).

A girl couldn't ask more! I momentarily made it back to Cloud Nine.