Sunday, March 6, 2011

True Love

Part of getting a happily ever after is learning that there will be times when the world will learn how wonderful your prince is, weeks after his noble gesture. Thus go back to the day in February where we celebrate our love for others. I know it was weeks ago but since then we have been hit with one sickness after another, yet another reality of a fairytale.

February 14th I woke up and went to my computer first thing, as I usually do. Sitting on my keyboard was a bag a chocolates and a note from my "Love Muffin." How did he know that I would need chocolates on a day like that. As I sat down to work, my five minute project turned out to be closer to five hours and the chocolate is what sustained me and probably kept me from pulling all of my hair out.

When my Prince came home I was giddy with excitement over the present that I had gotten him and begged him to open it. We gathered our gifts as he opened his first to find a brand new pair of smoke grey Converse shoes. My turn was next and I knew it was perfume... but wait what is this? A matching pair of smoke grey Converse? Could it be... True Love? I would say it is so. The night before we bought our gifts I mentioned that I think it would be fun to SOMEDAY have matching Converse shoes. Little did we know that someday was just around the corner. Neither of us had planned to get them but both couldn't resist.

Of course my Prince had to not only one up me but two or three times over by getting me the long awaited perfume and eleven pink long stem roses (yes it was supposed to be a dozen).

A girl couldn't ask more! I momentarily made it back to Cloud Nine.

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