Monday, March 7, 2011

Book Review - Princess Academy

I know it's about time I finished another book. In all honesty I had started another one, was about a hundred pages into it and decided I didn't like it. Thus I moved on to the Princess Academy by Shannon Hale.

While this wasn't my all time favorite book I still really enjoyed it. First off, it was a quick, no-brainer read that didn't have my emotions all over the place. It was a simple story with a couple of twists and of course a slight love triangle.

Written about a village far up in the mountains, Shannon Hale entices the reader to step into this somewhat magical realm where community and history keep this small world together. It gives meaning to one's heritage and a sense that no matter what circumstance we may find ourselves in, there will always be little moments to look forward to.

I loved the main character, Miri and her spunky personality. She takes on the liberty to learn things on her own regardless of her circumstances. This is something I wish more women would do, including myself throughout our lives. Money doesn't always dictate how smart we are or aren't. It's a choice.

All in all it is an enchanting story that ends with a happily ever after, just as it should.

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  1. I cannot wait to actually sit down and finish a book for the first time in four years, lol!