Friday, February 11, 2011

Crafting Project - (Burnt Flowers)

Last week Prince and I went down to see his parents for the weekend of fun! Yes my mother-in-law is a Queen and I absolutely adore her. Typically we does a lot of shopping when we are together (she has great taste) but this time we were looking for something a little less tiring.

Of course we headed to the fabric store. Seriously, I could be there for hours looking at all of the pretty colors, imaging the potential for each piece of fabric. This particular trip we decided to try our hand at the burnt flowers that are sweeping the crafting world.

My favorite part? They are SUPER easy, which is what I need.

The hardest part was trying to find online what fabric we would need. I ended up mostly just guessing, knowing that some kind of synthetic fabric would burn best. We selected three different types of fabric to try.

Lining (as in jacket lining) - This fabric melted really well as took a high volume shape. It also rarely caught on fire. (In the picture it is the brown, blue, purple, and fuchsia fabrics)

Satin - Be careful with this fabric, it frequently caught fire so watch your fingers. It didn't take as much volume as the lining and was a little flatter when finished. (It is the taupe colored flower in the photo, by far this was both mine and my mother-in-laws favorite flowers)

Tulle - It melts very quickly! It was fantastic though to add a variety of texture to the flower.

Supplies needed:
Fabric ( I got a 1/4 yard of each color and it was more than plenty for lots of flowers)
Three Different Circle Patterns (I just found three different lids in the kitchen)
Wet Paper Towel
Tacky Glue
Beads For the Center
Clips or Pins
Hot Glue

Here were the steps we took.

-Cut three different sizes of circles in all colors; small, medium and large

-Burn the edges around all of your cut circles
*I did this over a wet paper towel in case I ever needed to drop one that was on fire*

-Layer your circles as desired and then sew the middles together, using just a basic X on top and knots in the back.

-Place a small amount of Tacky Glue in the center and place beads on top.
(I tried hot glue but it just dried to fast for me)

-Hot Glue a clip, pin or both to the back


The more I made the better I got. I learned that I liked to offset the layers as well as turn the edges so that some were facing the back while others were facing the front.

Now I use them in my hair, on a vest, as an accent to a bag, etc. Needless to say it was a great weekend!


  1. I love 'em! So cute for hair clips, decorations on bags, anything. I see these everywhere and I've always wondered how to make them...

  2. Wow, those are so beautiful! So creative too.