Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Falling In Love Over and Over Again

(Over four years ago when I married my fun-loving, frolicking prince)

Last night I had one of those moments where I fell in love with my husband all over. I know what you're thinking... come on don't be so mushy gushy. I can't help it.

There we were, the princess working on her domestic skills (seriously, I was making tomatoe soup from scratch), and then the prince slaving away at the sink rinsing the dishes I had neglected all day. The band began playing softly and Diana Krall slowly sang, "Let's fall in love, why shouldn't we fall in love?"

Our eyes met from across the room when the prince pulls me into his arms and pushes me across the dance floor, twirling me over and over again. I give him a pouty glance as I ask if I can lead for a moment, but just a moment. He laughs and grants me my wish. When he takes the lead again he gets that goofy smile that leaves me giggling. It was magical and kooky all at the same time.

It lasted probably two wonderful minutes and I knew that it was these tiny moments that I live for.

Yes I live in a fairytale. One with dragons and monsters but more importantly my life is full of little glimpses of what happily ever after has in store.


  1. Wow, maybe I need to make me some tomato soup! :) That's so cute, mama. Need a night like that every now and then. (This is Nicole from WTE, by the way. Thanks for sharing your link! If you want to stop by my personal blog, send me your email and I'll send you an invitation.) Hugs!

  2. Love it!! I tend to think of my life as a fairy tale as well. Its a much happier outlook on life than a lot of people have, wouldn't you say?

  3. Aww, sometimes love is like a fairy tale!