Saturday, February 19, 2011

Retail Therapy

I am a HUGE believer that the right pair of shoes can really bring me happiness. True, some of it might stem from my vanity but I promise that's not the whole reason.

Right now in my life I have absolutely no control over many dominating parts, even my counselor agrees with me. I had not control over the tornado. It's not my fault that my brand new computer wasn't built properly. I definitely had no way of planning or preventing a third miscarriage. There are even times when I don't have complete control of my emotions.

Often times these things feel so overwhelming and I wonder if there is any aspect of my fairytale I do have control over.

*Enter Brand New Pair of Heels*

That's right, I have complete control over how I look on the outside, thus I work extra hard at it. If I can appear expertly put together on the outside maybe I will someday feel the same way on the inside.

Probably a week after that dark day in January when my world seemed to momentarily stop I decided I needed to find something to be happy about that day. I got my perfect grey heels out (that I had bought at Christmas) and wore them to the grocery store. I had one day in the heels of June Cleaver and it was exactly what the doctor ordered.

All my problems didn't magically go away. My hormones still spill out all over the place but there are moments in my life that I do have control over.

Have I mentioned how much I love my shoes?

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  1. Those shoes are absolutely adorable! I must say, that feeling pretty can sometimes temporarily make all the hurt go away a little off in the distance. Unfortunately, it does not last but maybe stepping into these shoes can make you feel like you are not living your life at the moment. (I love you Sarah)