Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Recipe Exchange (Amazing Cinnamon Rolls)

Its a good thing I don't have the patience to bake very often or you might see me triple in size over the next few months. The prince has been asking me for weeks to make cinnamon rolls and for weeks I have been putting it off, mostly because I hate recipes that have multiple stages.

Finally after he took a big test to become certified in his profession I gave in. In attempts previous I have been less than satisfied with the basic powder sugar frosting, it makes me want to gag. Thus, I turned to good ole allrecipes.com and found this sinfully delicious recipe.

I looked in the comments section to get some advice. I didn't use a bread machine but put my Kitchenaid to the task. In addition I combined the butter, cinnamon and brown sugar, popped it in the microwave for a few short seconds and drizzled it all on top of the dough. I used all of the cinnamon mixture it suggested but a good portion fell onto the counter as I rolled the dough (next time I would scoop it up and put it on top). I cooked mine at 350 degrees for twenty minutes instead of the original suggestion and I made one and a half batches of the frosting.

After I made these I definitely got the, "Best Wife of the Week Award." I wanted to get a photo to show but alas, they didn't make it that long.

It's definitely a recipe to try but make sure and close your eyes when looking at the ingredients.

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